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tv   CNN This Morning  CNN  February 8, 2023 5:00am-6:00am PST

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some republicans want medicare and social security to sunset. i'm not saying it's the majority. let me give you -- anybody who doubts it, contact my office. i'll give you a copy. i'll give you a copy of the proposal. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to capitol hill to the balcony here. listen, it was very interesting watching. i was asking kaitlin as that was playing, have you been as a white house correspondent to the state of the union. you say you are always at the white house. >> yeah. >> and you have been watching them. i don't know if i have ever seen one like that, to have that reaction. i remember the "you lie" moment with president barack obama, but i don't know if i remember one like that.
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>> i think what's so different in those two moments is the reaction. when the lie moment happened, everyone was stunned. last night it was feisty. >> almost expected. >> yeah. the president trying to cut through all of the noise and heckling from republicans. did he get his message across? that's a question. we will break down the highlights, fact check the president's claims and speak to lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. plus, this. ladies and gentlemen, the all-time leading scorer, you have witnessed it. lebron james! >> you went to sleep, you missed this moment. watch now. what seemed like an impossible feat, lebron james has scored more points than any other player in nba history. does it make him the greatest of all time? we know the answer to that. more on that in a moment. >> a lot to watch on television last night, right? >> certainly was.
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an update on the tragedy, in turkey and syria this morning, more than 48 hours after that catastrophic earthquake, we will take you live to the search and rescue operation as the death toll surpasses 11,000 people. but we begin with the whole reason we are here on capitol hill with last night's state of the union. it was president joe biden's first speech in front of a divided congress, and it showed. >> some republicans want medicare and social security to sunset. i'm not saying it's a majority. [ crowd booing ] >> let me give you -- anybody who doubts it, contact my office. i'll give you a copy -- i'll give you a copy of the proposal. that means congress doesn't vote. i'm glad you see -- i tell you, i enjoy conversion. look, folks, the idea is that
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we're not going to be -- we're not going to be moved into being threatened to default on the debt if we don't respond. [ applause ] >> folks -- [ applause ] >> so, folks, as we all apparently agree, social security and medicare is off the books now, right? [ cheers and applause ] >> folks, my economic plan is about investing in places and people that have been forgotten. some of you listening tonight. i know you feel it. so many of you felt like you have simply been forgotten. americans are tired of being -- they are tired of being played for suckers. [ applause ] >> pass the -- so companies stop
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ripping us off. speaker, i don't want to ruin your reputation, but i look forward to working with you. when police officers or police departments violate the public trust, they must be held accountable. [ cheers and applause ] >> folks, it's difficult but simple. all of us in the -- in this chamber, we need to rise to this moment. we can't turn away. let's do what we know in our hearts that we need to do. let's come together to finish the job on police reform. do something. do something. ban assault weapons now! [ cheers and applause ] >> ban them now! once and for all! >> fentanyl is killing more than 70,000 americans a year. you got it.
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>> it's your fault! ban it! >> so let's launch a major -- fentanyl production in the sale and trafficking with more drug detection machines and inspection cargo, stop pills and powder at the border. >> make no mistake about it. as we made clear last week, if china threatens our sovereignty, we will act to protect our country, and we did. >> as we do with the state of the union, we fact check it. to join us now, we will do the remarks of the president's claims and daniel is here to do that. president biden boasted about cutting the deficit last night. take a listen. >> in the last two years, my administration has cut the deficit by more than $1.7 trillion. the largest deficit reduction in american history.
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>> is he right? >> don, this boast about cutk the deficit leaves out such important context i would say it's misleading. it is true that the deficit declined 1.7 trillion in fiscal' 21 and '# 2 compared to 2020. experts told cnn taking too much credit when he suggests his own administration is responsible. that decline overwhelmingly occurred because temporary pandemic spending from 2020 expired as scheduled. not only that. experts tell me that biden's own actions, his legislation, orders have on the whole significantly increased deficits. dan white, a senior director of economic of moody's analytics told me this. on net, the policies of the administration have increased the deficit, not reduced it. how much? well, the committee for response fed budget estimates biden's actions will add 4.8 trillion to
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deficits from 2021 through 2031. that group's president told me before the speech the white house deserves credit for the 250 billion of deficit reduction through the inflation reduction act but should also take responsibility for the 5 trillion of deficit increasing policies they signed into law or executive order. biden can take some credit for the economic recovery, which has boosted tax revenues. that helps deep the deficit down. overall, it's made the deficit bigger, not smaller. >> he claimed that his predecessor accumulated a lot of debt. listen to this. >> nearly 25% of the entire national debt that took over 200 years to accumulate was added by just one administration alone. the last one. >> fair claim, danielle? >> more that fair than the last. there is some important context missing. in short, trump won't solely responsible for the debt increasing. under trump the dead raised by a
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quarter, now above 31 trillion. some of that was trump's undoing, unfunded tax cut. a chunk of the increase was the trillions in bipartisan covid spending. that's when the big trump-era spike occurred in early to mid-2020. . so increase was taus f because of spending that is mandatory because of decisions from previous presidents, medicare and med aid in the '60s to president george bush's prescription benefit, obama care. it's more complicated than the debt belongs to the president. thank you very much. >> always keeping us up on all the facts. south carolina congressman and assistant democratic leader james clyburn for his reaction. good morning, sir. so nice to have you in person. did we see the beginning of bide's run for 2024 last night? >> i think so. and certainly hope so. let's finish the job. i thought that was a great
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refrain and i do believe he has led a tremendous foundation for doing that and i think the american people is going to respond very positively. i think i someone who said this morning from the beginning to the end his approval went way up. >> 72%. this is a positive reaction to the speech last night. so you grade it. >> oh, i give it a little more than 72%. i thought it was the best effort i have seen from him in a long, long time. i do a lot of speak making myself. not nearly on the level that he does. but when you are speaking to a group and you get hecklers, the way you respond to that i think is demonstrative of what kind of person you are. and i saw in him last night the kind of maturity that the american people would like to see in a president. he taook on the hecklers. let them have their say.
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gave them a nice smile and responded in a positive way. >> you brought that up without us prompting you. that's on your mind. why? >> that's exactly right. i think he gets a lot of flak from people about not being able to do well and gets off script. he went off last night. did extremely well. came back on and continued to pursue his agenda, which i think is a great agenda. >> you think kevin mccarthy should say something to his members about that? >> i understand that he did say something to them about it and they didn't listen. when you are dealing with kindergartners, it's hard to get them to listen. >> how do you think that makes him look? because, look, kaitlin pointed out early, even nancy pelosi was sort of -- i should say, speaker pelosi, the former speaker pelosi, would calm some of the members down. but not -- doesn't seem like it
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was in this fashion. how do you think this makes -- >> nancy never had to calm us down. nancy -- we had discussions beforehand about how to respond to certain things, and whether or not we should. but i don't know -- >> pardon me. weren't there moment in the state of the union she would look and say, don't do that? especially during president trump? >> probably so. i don't know if you remember -- yeah, sure, sure. but, you know, we don't heckle. i remember a democrat -- i don't remember a democrat ever heckling a president in a state of the union or any other matter. we may show disassociation with, unappreciatedness of. we may could it with a smile or not smile facial expressions. i'll sometimes do it with my head, bow, you know, bow my head to pray or not sometimes, shake
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my head to say i don't agree. but the heckling, i mean, that's not the way adults act. you let the president have his say. you show your disapproval, but you don't heckle. you may not stand up. but yelling, calling the president a liar, especially when there is not a lie. it's absolutely the truth. i have seen the document put out by rick scott. he didn't call out his name, but i know his name. the former governor of florida, he was running the senate re-elect stuff and he put out a document calling for a sunset in social security and medicare. and then senator johnson from up here in wisconsin said we ought to do it every year, rather than every five years, that the document called for it. now, he said some republicans want to cut medicare. those are two that want to cut medicare and that to me made his
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speech all the worth i while. >> they are taking offense of tying it to the debt ceiling. >> sorry? >> i think they are taking offense of tying that to the debt ceiling. >> it should not be tied to the debt ceiling. we didn't tie it to the debt ceiling. what they are trying to do is make room for the cuts. it's been done before. we understand the way this game is played. i think -- wrosaid i don't want get rid of it, reduce it to the level of being able to drown in the bathtub. he was talking about medicare when he said that. >> i think we are out of time. so many more questions for you. >> you wanted to ask -- >> we appreciate you. we hope you come back. >> any time. my office is just below us. >> looking debonaire this morning. >> thank you very much. >> he said he was trying to keep up with you.
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everyone tries to keep up with don. >> absolutely. >> i am following in his footsteps. thank you. always a pleasure to see you. so you heard it earlier. republicans were outraged and heckled president biden when he accused them of wanting to cut social security. we talked about that a second something. coming up, we will speak to congressman ryan zinke who says that the president was lying or having a memory slip. you don't want to miss that. (cecily) wellll, there is a smarter way o save. (einstein) oh?! (cecily) swswitch to verizon! (vo) that's right. for a limited time get verizon unlimited for jujust $25 a lin, guaranteed for 3 years. (einstein) brilliant! (vo) only on veverizon. liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need. with the money we saved, we tried electric unicycles. i thini've got it! doggy-paddle! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. libty. ♪
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talking about record profits for oil companies as he started ripping how long he believes the united states will be oil dependent. listen for what republicans said at the end how they responded as he was talking about conversations that he has had with oil executives. >> and when i talk to a couple and they say we are afraid you are going to shut down the oil wells and refineries anyway, so why should we invest in them? i said we will need oil for another decade and beyond that. [ laughter ] >> we are going to need it. >> joining us is republican congressman ryan zinke of montana, served as the interior secretary under president trump. that was not supposed to be a laugh line but it was for many of your republican colleagues. what was your reaction? >> to suggest we are not going to be in the fossil fuel world more than ten years is untruthful. because it was an outrageous statement. fossil fuels are with us, part of the economy and will be with this economy.
5:20 am
but to blame the problem on the executives. we have high energy costs. it's not because of the oil companies. it's because of the policy of the president. we have high inflation because of the policy of the president on spending. so if you look at high energy costs, which we are all seeing, high inflation rates, which a lot of it is a result of an excess of spending, then we are in the economy we are. the speech itself, there was moments where we are going to work with the republican side, and i appreciate that. and he is my president, too. so i appreciate that. but there was some blatant mistruths there. the republicans, for instance, would terminate social security or medicare. >> you said they wanted to sunset -- >> sunset. >> he said some republicans want to sunset social security, medicare. rick scott did propose that last summer. >> terminating and sun setting would say that we want to end it or not honor the protections and
5:21 am
the benefit. that's not true. speaker mccarthy had a conversation with biden. he had a conversation with our caucus. that's off the table. the president knew it. mccarthy knew it and the caucus knew it. and i think now the american public knows it, too. >> regardless of the debt ceiling, are you open to making changes to social security and medicare? i was looking at comments you made recently. you said congress needs to open up both sides, talking about mandatory spending, discretionary spending. you said there are entitlements that outlived their lifestyle that no longer produce results. are those two of those? >> when you look at it, everything should be reviewed. when you put 72% of the budget and lock it in a safe and say we are not going to look at it, when you look at discretionary funding, military, i think there is room for savings in the military, too. >> and that could happen with this debt ceiling, you think? cuts to defense spending? >> i think everybody should be looked at and reviewed.
5:22 am
some programs, for instance, you can't pay people not to work. and a lo of the covid still is happening where people around engaged in the work force. as the president said, work is honorable. we should all strive to make sure we have a healthy economy and that healthy economy is people working. so why they are not working, there are probably a lot of reasons. we can make sure american is prosperous and working is part of it. we want to make sure the social security system itself is viable and healthy. >> so you are open to changes? >> i am open to review and sitting down in an honest dialogue because we need to protect social security. we have medicare challenges. we also have this huge looming fiscally irresponsible budget that has been erected and we continue to live under. >> that should be something we talk about with the budget? >> i do. i think there is a difference between the debt, you know, the debt is what we spend. so we owe that. we just don't want to be
5:23 am
continuously overspending. so and then how are we going to spend the money? what's the priority? ukraine is another -- it's not a blank check. so i have always advocated for, you know, john f. kennedy, we will pay the price, bear any burden to protect the survival of liberty. but a blank check is extraordinarily dangerous when we give arms and ammunition to a country that we don't know exactly where those arms and ammunition, what they are doing, what they are for, what the end goals are and what is the plan in ukraine. that disturbs me. >> the white house would argue they know where the money is coming when it goes to weapon. what happened in the house chamber last night, the heckling of president biden from some of your republican colleagues who disagreed with him. did you think that was appropriate? >> i was born and raised to be a gentleman. he is my president. i don't disagree with his statement. i disagree with the tone. i think when you invite someone
5:24 am
over to your house, you know, you are generally cordial, and he took some liberties, i think, on truth. but by the same token, he is the president of the united states. so i have always advocated, be a gentleman. we can agree and we can disagree. let's not be disagreeable, because we are one country. >> this is your second time on the program. i covered you when i was covering the white house under former president trump. i didn't get a chance to ask you about this. i want to give you a chance to respond this time. government watchdog said when you were interior secretary you misused your position, lied to investigators about your involvement in a montana land deal and broke federal ethics rules. what is your response to that? would you do anything different if you are back in that position? >> d.c. is a tough town. i went through multiple investigations and they all concluded the same thing. no wrongdoing. no violation of the regulations. no violation of rules. but, look, if you are going to press the city and make change,
5:25 am
there is a lot of people that are just comfortable with status quo. don't try to change. and my job was to change inteefr your, and we did. we went from, on the energy picture, went from 8.3 million barrels a day to 12.5 million barrels a day production. we were the world's largest producer of energy across the board. and it made a difference because gas is about two bucks a gallon. when you try to make change, in the military, when you are over the target, you will get flagged. >> no regrets how you handled that? >> i wish i would have been a little more aggressive. the amount of change that needs to happen in this town is a lot. again, if you are over the target, you are going to get flak. investigations were politically motivated and driven. we have seen some weaponization of some of our law enforcement, which is troubling, and, look, our law enforcement needs to be
5:26 am
blind of party, needs to be the same for everybody, and that's the promise of this great capitol, great land. so i understand the politics behind it. but moving forward i am going to do my job. this year is going to be challenging. we have a lot of problems, border being one of them, let's secure the border. let's make sure we have a budget that makes sense for us all. >> i thought it was important to get your response on the record. congressman zblins, thank you for weighing in on that and the president's comments last night. >> appreciate tncht thank you. all right. lebron james is now the king of all-time scoring more than kareem, more than jordan, more than kobe. does this mean lebron james is the g.o.a.t.? we have an investigation next. i choose airborne. unlikeke some others, airborne gives you vitamin c and so much more. it's an 8 in 1 immune support formula. airbrborne. do more. can we even afford this house? maybe jacob can finally get a job.
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he rules the all-time scoring record. >> lebron, one-on-one against kendrick williams, backing him in. turns, shoots. scores! there it is! all hail the new king in town! young and old gather around, from one iconic laker to another. the king, lebron james, has passed the captain, kareem abdul-jabbar, and lebron now stands alone as the nba's all-time leading scorer. >> to be in the staples center, lebron james broke the nba scoring record in the third quarter of last night g's game.
5:32 am
in front of a cheering crowd filled with celebrities, including, of course, kareem abdul-jabbar, the man who set the record 39 years ago in 1984. joining us now -- >> that announcer was very dramatic. more dramatic than you, poppy. >> you are taking over, don. >> breaking the record! . i am giving you my greatest excited votes after sleeping three hours, getting up at three in the morning. >> this was not -- i was not comparing it to you. it wasn't a knock on you. the announcer was very -- >> he was so excited. >> we were so excited. >> david is here. >> welcome. >> you got in the middle of this madness. >> it's all good. >> at the athletic, right? thank you so much. >> of course. i loved this moment. i was saying earlier to katlyn and don, i also love that it happened to such a good guy, who has done so much for so many people off the court.
5:33 am
>> lebron is a complete person. it's not just about the basketball with him. he has his academy in akron, ohio. he is putting hundreds of kids through school. he has done so many things. speaks out on social issues. in a lot of ways, he is the torch carrier from kareem. kareem did it when it was harder to do it in the '60s, spoke out on issues, boycotted the olympics in 1968 because of civil rights protests in the country at the time. so they are walking the same path, both on and off the court. >> i mean, what does this mean for the sports world to see? we knew it was coming. to see it happen. we went to the lakers game when they were in new york last week. it's remarkable to see it actually happen. he said he wasn't thinking about it that much, but you saw how emotional he got. >> he was lying. [ laughter ] >> it's a big deal. >> it's a big deal. it's one of the biggest records in sports. it stood for almost 39 years.
5:34 am
i mean, that is a long time. when you consider all of the players that have played since, starting with michael jordan and kobe bryant and all of the great players that came through the league in four decades and none really came close. i guess kobe did. but for lebron to break kareem's record and kareem a considered one of the greatest players of all time, won more mvps than anybody in league history, won nicks nba championships. he is on mount rushmore of the greatest of all time. so for lebron to do that really speaks to the incredible consistency of his career. he rarely gets hurt. he plays all the time. he plays at an incredibly high level, even at 38, 39 years old as he is now. >> you mentioned, you said mount rushmore. maybe it's shared. who is the greatest, kobe, jabbar, m.j., lebron? >> i get asked that a lot. i can only talk about the people i have seen. i didn't see bill russell play
5:35 am
live. people who did say he is the best. people who saw wilt chamberlain play live say he is the best. the people i have seen, michael jordan is the best i have ever seen. lebron's really close. >> i grew up with that. do you remember the wings poster of michael jordan? i grew up with that. kaitlin is stunned. she can't believe i had a basketball poster. >> a lot of questions for that. >> exactly. but now people have the lebron one. >> what a moment. >> thank you for breaking it down with us. >> thank you. good to see you. all right. last night congress gave a standing ovation to the parents of tyre nichols. the question though that remains this morning is will lawmakers, can lawmakers actually do anything about police reform? coming up, we will have tyre's mother and stepfather join us to weigh in their reaction.
5:36 am
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most of us in here have never had to have the talk. the talk that brown and black parents have had to have with their children.
5:40 am
bo, hunter, ashley, my children, i never had to have that talk with them. i never had to tell them if a police officer turn you over, turn your interior lights on right away. don't reach for your license. keep your hands on the steering wheel. imagine having to worry like that every single time your kid got in a car. >> so that happened in the house of representatives. the president of the united states acknowledging a family's pain and recognizing how discussions of policing differ along racial lines. the speech coming a week after the family of tyre nichols said their final goodbyes. so as the world knows, nichols died after being beaten by police in memphis. the president honoring his presidents rowvaughn and rodney wells at last night's address and calling for change. >> what happened to tyre in
5:41 am
memphis happens too often. we have to do better. let's commit ourselves to make the words of tyler's mom true. something good must come from this. all of us in this chamber need to rise to this moment. we can't turn away. let's do what we know in our hearts that we need to do. let's come together to finish the job on police reform. do something. >> so joining me now for the first time since the state of the union attending the state of the union and being so dignified there, tyre nichols' mother, rowvaughn wells, and tyre's dad rodney wells and nichols family attorney ben crump. mr. and mrs. wells, i am so happy to have you on. good morning to you. i am happy to have you on because i know that last night was important to you. so mrs. wells, how are you doing? how did it feel being there in
5:42 am
front of a national audience with the president of the united states and lawmakers speaking about the things that you said you wanted to accomplish in that interview i did with you a week ago? >> it's actually was amazing. i want to start off, first, by thanking the president for even acknowledging my son on a high platform the way he did. so thank you, mr. president. it was really nice, don. that was a great experience for me. i have never been to the white house. for him to speak about my son and acknowledge me, it was a great feeling. >> you said that some good was going to come of this. the president quoted you last night. do you believe that, ms. wells?
5:43 am
>> i actually do believe it. i mean, my son, my son, by him -- my son didn't die for nothing. it has to be some greater good that's going to come out of this. as i have said before, i feel like my son was here on a mission. he might have been sacrificed for the greater good, but i do feel like some good will come out of this. yes. >> the president speaking there about the talk that black parents have to have with their kids and how he never had to have that with his own children, and i was speaking to my colleague last night, quite honestly, jake tapper, and he said this is something that white parents, a talk they don't
5:44 am
have to have with their kids and those are the people who need to be reached. i said not only do the parents need to be reached, but also the police officers. having -- hearing the president acknowledging having to have the talk, you know, black parents having to have the talk with their kids, that must have been sort of an interesting moment for you to witness there on the house floor? >> yes, because they don't have to speak to their kids regarding police. you never see white kids being beaten or -- by the police. it seemed like you only see black and brown kids being beaten or killed by the police. so i thought that was great that he said that and he acknowledged the fact that they don't have to have that conversation with
5:45 am
their children. so by him saying that, that lets you know there is a problem and it needs to be addressed. >> rodney, i want to ask you about something that we talked about in our last interview, and that was, both of you guys saying that you wanted the george floyd justice in policing act passed, and what is your message to congress after listening to the president? >> my message to congress is that if they had passed the george floyd bill initially, my son may not have died tragically the way he did. so i think that congress needs to get together, both parties, and get this bill passed so that no one else has to suffer the way we are suffering right now.
5:46 am
it's a shame that there is such a double standard. and we have to do something about it. but the first step is to pass the george floyd bill. >> are you optimistic with the divided congress that we have right now? you saw some of the antics that played out. you were front and center to witness it. >> i have to be optimistic. we have to get this bill passed. there is too many black and brown kids being killed at the hand of the police. i mean, it's evident. we don't want to have another family going through what we are going through. and the families before us that went through this. so they have to get on the ball and get this bill passed as soon as possible. >> ben, i want to bring you in
5:47 am
here. there is more news coming out of memphis as to relates to the police officers. police officers charmed, admitting to investigators that he took -- one of the police officers, that he took photos of nichols on his personal cellphone, sent one to others after he was beaten. that's according to published reports citing a newly obtained document. what do you know about that, ben? >> well, don, some breaking news for you all today. we talked with the district attorney and he told the parents that they -- there is something they normally don't do. they put a public statement out to address those rumors as having no validity based on everything that they have researched. and they wanted to ease the family's grieving process because, you know, dealing with these rumors after you lose your child is just so unfair.
5:48 am
and so, hopefully, we can put this stuff to bed and focus on the fact that this was a culture, this was a pattern and practice, this scorpion unit, and that had that pattern and practice been addressed through the george floyd justice in policing act or by the memphis police department, tyre nichols would not be dead today. >> ben, i was referring to -- i want clarification. i was referring to one of the officers charged, admitting that he took photographs. you mentioned rumors. i am not sure what you are talking about. for clarity, if you could update our viewers? >> certainly. the district attorney says they were aware of these rumors about this was some kind of personal attack. he said they have found nothing to substantiate that. it reminds you of when botham
5:49 am
jean was killed in dallas, texas, in an apartment about the white policewoman who said she came into the wrong apartment and the internet just started talking about all these rumors that they were having an affair and their family had to deal with those rumors while they were trying to deal with the tragedy, and people need to stop spreading these rumors and these, you know, salacious things to even add to the pain of the family. so the district attorney said that he wanted to let the family know they looked into this and they found no such evidence. >> all right. thank you for responding to that. finally, mrs. wells, i just want to know that you have had the national stage last night with the president of the united states. what do you want to say to people now as far as it relates to your son and legislation and what needs to happen next? >> what i want to say is we just
5:50 am
need to get this bill passed. as we mentioned earlier, it's just too many children being killed by police officers. and i met a lot of the mothers yesterday when i was in washington, and it just saddened me to hear all the stories that these women were telling me. and we really need to get something done here because this is just really getting out of control. and if they don't do anything, the government, then they are showing me they have no humanity and that they are not for the people, because i am part of th people, so you need to get off your butts and get this bill passed because we can't have anymore kids -- we can't have
5:51 am
another tyre. we just can't have that anymore. >> amen. >> yes, sir. >> rowvaughn wells, rodney wells, ben crump, all three of you have handled yourself with dignity, especially with you, mom, i can't imagine the pain that is on your heart, i don't think anyone can. the whole nation is with you. i've been telling people you have become america's mother. it's sad that under the circumstances that you had to become america's mother, but thank you for being so dignified, so graceful and we appreciate you and we're thinking about you. >> thank you so much, don. >> thank you, don. >> thank you. >> we will be back in a moment. . the subaru solterra electricic suv. subaru's first all-electricic, zero-emissions suv. (man) we've got some catching up to do. (woman) sure do.
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5:56 am
the images are striking, as crews have been racing to find survivors beneath the ruins. perhaps the most striking, the images of the children from moments of elation as some were found to despair. take a look at this father in turkey, he is holding the hand of his 15-year-old daughter. she died as a result of the earthquake, still lying beneath the rubble. you can see a mattress, it's likely she was sleeping when the quake hit as so many of them were. the father not letting go of her hand. these are the heartbreaking cries from another father. that father is weeping as he is holding his newborn in syria, unfortunately the baby did not survive. as always, though, there is hope. this baby girl in syria found alive with her umbilical cord
5:57 am
still attached to her mother who was killed, she is the sole survivor of her immediate family and we are told she is receiving treatment lying in an incubator at a hospital. and here is another image. that is a young girl comforting her little sister, shielding her from the dust, but they are alive. the little girl who looks to be in her pajamas rescued from the rubble, she is alive, and then another little girl pulled from the rubble in syria beneath slabs of concrete that had fallen on her. she, too, survived. >> it's almost too much to take, a little boy rescued from the ruins in syria and this moving moment when an entire family is pulled out alive .
5:58 am
>> so much tragedy, it is the moment of pure elation that those rescue crews needed in the middle of so much death and res trucks. a good reminder there's always hope and we're thinking of all those still trapped and all those working tirelessly to save them. >> absolutely. >> right back after this.
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